IMG_20160226_143021_HDR_1456815328093Pamitran Rental Motor is a company dedicated to motorbike rental on Yogyakarta since 2009.

We have large fleet available to rent during your holidays.

Our office is located on a central of the Yogyakarta city.

All the booking process made by online (email), phone or whatsapp and the motorbikes are delivered by our staff to your hotel, airport, train station.

As Yogyakarta has a roads with curves and beautiful scenery, driving a motorcycle can give unforgettable experience especially riding on one of our quality motorbikes.

Our company focused on quality motorbike rental from 110-200 cc. Enjoy the pleasant sensation driving motorbike especially on the Yogyakarta road, we are dedicated to give you that opportunity at an affordable cost. Pamitran Rental Motor offers you quality and good service to ensure both your enjoyment and your safety.

We hope to see you soon.

Pamitran Rental Motor Team

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